04.12.2018 16:43

For the convenience of all guests of the Hotel "69 Parallel ", there is a household self-service room, which is equipped with a microwave, kettle, tableware, cooler, washing machine and ironing system.

24.10.2017 13:33

In hotel there is a laundry for convenience of guests.

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Murmansk (in 1916-1917 - Romanov on Murman) - is the largest city in the world, which is situated behind the Arctic Circle. The rank «Hero-city» was appropriated to Murmansk for defense against German armies in days of the Great patriotic war.   

The city was extended more then 20 kilometers along rocky east coast of Kola bay, in 50 km from an outlet to the sea. Murmansk is one of the largest seaport of Russia.

Murmansk is in 1967 km to the north from Moscow and in 1448 km from St.-Petersburg.

Памятник Алёше
In Murmansk, despite its early age, many sights are located. Two memorial complex are the most  remarkable  the monument to defenders  of the Soviet Polar region (Alyosha) and the monument to the seamen, who where lost in the peace time. Murmansk's Alyosha is one of the largest monuments in Russia.
Мурманский областной драматический театр
   In Murmansk there is an oceanarium, known as the most northern in the world. In the city there are two regional museums: Murmansk regional museum of local lore and Murmansk regional art museum in which very interesting expositions are exposed. 

  There are three theatres: Murmansk regional theatre of dolls, Murmansk regional drama theatre and Drama theatre of northern fleet.                             

   In the city there are also modern cinemas: "Murmansk", "Atlantic", "Kronverk cinema", etc. 
ресторан "Рваные паруса"

    Murmansk is known in the country and abroad as a place of carrying out of the largest sports action. "The north holiday" is in the end of the march.

The hotel “69 Parallel” recommends:
The Chinese restaurant "Shanghai" invites guests to taste the dishes, cooked by professional Chinese cooks and to be convinced that Chinese cuisine is one of the best in the world.  

The Chinese restaurant "Shanghai" is opened from Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 to 00:00 and on Friday and Saturday to 01:00.
The restaurant address: Polar Zory st., 35/2. 
Phone of manager: (8152) 44-33-41