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In hotel there is a laundry for convenience of guests.

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Young | 08.12.2016
I will be back soon! Great place!

Allison | 08.12.2016
Best hotel ever!

heymar | 04.12.2016
Nice place, good fun

Debi Stoll | 01.10.2016
Fantastic place!

Melanie Glomski | 25.05.2016
Great place! Will come back!

Richard Cheese | 09.01.2016
Great stay!

Gay Toubah | 15.12.2015
Great hotel! My boyfriend and I had a lot of fun! Thank you!

Richard | 02.12.2015
best place in Murmansk that I've stayed!
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The Watch Man | 12.09.2015
Stay was great. I am in sales traveling many countries. Always nice to have a good nights rest while enroute to my destinations. Thanks

El Kevin | 05.09.2015
Very nice place

Big D | 25.07.2015
We have magikal time with you! Keep up the good job.

Gründel | 24.06.2015
What a beautiful place, we enjoyed our stay!
Greetings from Germany,

Gilbert Jones | 31.05.2015
Enjoyable stay. Nice food in restaurant

Philipp Klinz | 10.05.2015
Best place ever!
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Cipto Junaedy | 03.04.2015
Really love this hotel, thanks a lot

Carlos Torrijo | 22.11.2014
Thank you. I really enjoyed our stay.

John Doe | 06.08.2014
nice, i like

Chris Olsen | 18.02.2014
I love the 69 hotel. One of the best ever. Seriously.

Dave | 10.12.2013
Amazing place


Sanusii Limbido | 29.11.2013
Had a great time. Please add my name to your email list.

Evan Henry | 20.10.2013
Your hotel was so nice. I am glad we stayed here. Next time we visit Murmansk we will definitely stay in this hotel.

Paul | 20.03.2011

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